September 20, 2020
 Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Webtects will help manage the process of creating your website and guarantee satisfaction.

Pay from $75 to start.

This is not one of those money-back offers where you pay everything upfront, then have the hassle of getting your money back if you don't like what you get. Instead, pay a small fee to start your order and cover administrative costs (non-refundable). Don't pay the rest until you're satisfied with your website.

Website design package start fees:
Web Page $75
Small Website $150
Medium Website $225
Large Website $300
Don't pay the rest until you're satisfied.

We don't charge you the rest until after:
1) You're happy with your design concepts and picked your favorite AND
2) We've incorporated your feedback (up to 10 revisions) AND
3) Your website is exactly the way you want it

It rarely happens, but if you don't end up with a website you love, cancel your project and we won't charge the rest. It's that simple.
The most straightforward guarantee in the industry.
Shop around and compare. You won't find a more straightforward guarantee anywhere else.


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Small Website
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Medium Website
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Large Website
(11-20 pages)

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